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M-POWER contains a diverse range of live biology.  Because M-POWER is a live product it has a short shelf life, please allow 7 working days for your order to be made before despatch.

  • Improves plant growth, M-POWER includes mycorrhizae or root fungi that substantially increase the reach of root systems allowing the plant to gain more nutrients and moisture from surrounding soil.  M-POWER includes various species that promote plant health by competing with, suppressing, or eliminating plant pathogens.
  • Improves the composting process, breaking down green nitrogen and dry carbon sources creating humus.  Trace elements are converted into essential amino acids, vitamins and enzymes.
  • Restores healthy biological activity to effluent ponds.  Efficient digestion in effluent ponds requires a balance of aerobic and anaerobic microbes to quickly decompose waste.  Chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, seasonal changes and overloading can cause an imbalance leading to crusting and smelly odours.  M-POWER restores the balance of your pond with a range of aerobic microbes that quickly degrade aromatics like methane and increase aerobic decomposition to reduce crusting and increase the availability of nutrients when it’s time to be applied to your pasture.


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