Since starting to use Actavize and Garden Fertiliser, we have noticed a huge increase in vegetables in our garden including over a 20 litre container of raspberries (last year we didn’t get half of this amount), beans galore to the point of freezing them and  giving them and other vegetables away to neighbours, our Apricot tree fruit increased 300%, and we are anticipating a good crop of peaches and nectarines.

This year our grapevine has multiple bunches of grapes whereas in previous years it has not produced anything.  Highly recommended.

Dianne Clarke – Rarangi

I have been using Actavize liquid fertiliser for many years now in my home garden.  Every year my family and I compete to see who can grow the best crop of tomatoes.  I have been the winner each year and I put it down to a weekly application of the Actavize.

I find the leaves are a darker green and the fruit full of flavour, it also seems to promote rapid growth of the plants.

I now use this on all of my vegetables as well as fruit trees and berries.

I would recommend this product highly to anyone looking to improve yield and flavour.

Darren Friend – Nelson

I have been using the general garden fertiliser for many years with excellent results.  I would fully recommend Fertilizer New Zealand garden products.

Annette Robinson – Richmond

I have been using Fertilizer New Zealand garden products for years now and have been blown away by how well my plants grow.

Our strawberries were never very sweet or big but with using this product we have large and sweet strawberries every year now. Not to mention our bumper crops of vegetables we get as well.

I totally recommend Fertilizer New Zealand’s garden products and only ever buy from them.

Dot Stratford – Admiralty Bay