For use in compost to actively break down organic waste.

Current option available is 100 grams.

500 gram and 1 Kg options are coming soon.

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Eco-Recycle contains a range of specially formulated microbes. They help break down organic waste to actively speed up the fermenting process. This generates useable compost material faster and allows for more waste to be decomposed. Once applied they get to work on neutralising odours and deterring flies. They come in a re-sealable bag. Keeping your microbes safe and ready for your next application. For best results use at the start of composting and every 2months thereafter.


Mix 10grams of Eco-Recycle per litre of water used.

Mix with warm water to aerate. Let them sit for at least one hour before application, stirring occasionally during this time.

Pour over compost, then turn compost over to mix.

NOTE: It is important to ensure that filtered water is used, and the containers used for mixing and application are free from residue.