For use in soil.

Current option available is 100 grams.

500 gram and 1 Kg options are coming soon.

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Eco-Regenerate contains a range of specially formulated microbes. They aid the root system to take in the surrounding nutrients required for optimal growth. While also creating a welcoming environment for natural, beneficial worms and bugs. The end produce will have a uniform size, a healthy-looking gloss and longer shelf life. They come in a re-sealable bag keeping your microbes safe and ready for your next application. For best results use every 3months after initial application


Mix 10grams of Eco-Regenerate per litre of water used.

Mix with warm water to aerate. Let them sit for at least one hour before application, stirring occasionally during this time.

Pour over soil.

NOTE: It is important to ensure that filtered water is used, and the containers used for mixing and application are free from residue.

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