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Welcome to Fertilizer New Zealand online shop……. we created a garden product range and are very excited to share it with you and amazed at how well it’s been received.  Pop onto our website and check us out; we also ship throughout New Zealand.


Well, winter is here and some think it’s time to hang up the gardening tools until Spring but in fact now is the time to be planning for Spring.

We often forget about plants in winter but there are lots of winter flowering shrubs and trees that will light up those dull days including camellia, many types of magnolias, daphne and rhododendron.  Our daphne is about to burst open and we can not wait for its colour and fragrance to brighten up the days.

Some ideas for planting are:

  • Broad beans, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, celery, garlic, kale, onions, peas, shallots, silverbeet, spinach.
  • Garlic – now is the time to be planting, but you can also plant through into early spring in some places in New Zealand
  • Strawberries can be planted too.  Some say that planting strawberries in New Zealand’s winter temperatures will give you a higher yield in summer. Yummy.

VerteBlack Liquid Humic Acid Fertiliser

VerteBlack is a liquid humic acid.  It is a great soil conditioner giving your soil that rich dark look.  It increases yields of protein and mineral rich crops with excellent taste, colour and keeping qualities.  Also helps increase nutrient uptake by plants and improves soil moisture retention.

VerteBlack Liquid Humic Acid Fertiliser

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VerteBlack Liquid Humic Acid Fertiliser

We even have lifestyle mixes

Equine MixSpecifically formulated to keep pasture sweet and palatable and to avoid sour grazing. This unique formula will supply the necessary Calcium and Magnesium for healthy sweet pasture and provide trace elements in the form of Boron and Selenium to provide animal health.

Application Rates per Hectare: From 240kg for pasture
Hectares      Acres      No. 20kg bags
0.5                1.24                 6
1.0                2.47                12
1.5                3.71                18
2.0                4.94                24
2.5                6.18                30

P –  S –   Ca –   Mg – B – Se
3 – 5.7 – 24.2 – 4.1 – +  –  +


Keep Reading
Our citrus fertiliser is formulated to encourage healthy green foliage and tasty citrus.  The magnesium in this product is to help prevent leaf yellowing.  Suitable for all citrus.

N –  P –   K –   S –  Ca – Mg
8 – 6.5 – 16 – 5.5 – 20 –  6

Citrus Fertiliser
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