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1L 500ml 250ml

Bio Gro certified organic.

VerteSea is designed to integrate with nature’s own soil processes.   VerteSea combines with earth’s bionetwork to provide healthy high-yielding plant growth.  At the same time VerteSea feeds and protects healthy soil, earthworms and soil micro-organisms through a supply of natural, enzyme-enriched nutrients.


*Dilution: 5ml – 15ml to 1 litre of water

Nursies – Spray to drip point every 10-14 days.  Can be used as a base dressing at 15ml per square meter.

Foliar Spray – Pip and stone fruit, citrus and berry fruit, Glass house crops and flowers – apply at 3-4 week intervals during early fruit growth.  Apply as maintenance 8-10 weeks.

Seedlings – Soak seedling roots in diluted solution prior to planting.  Or add to the bottom of hold dug for seedling.

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